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Welcome to a blog dedicated to enthusiasts of the Dyosa the series. Dyosa (Goddess) is an upcoming fantasy series of ABS-CBN starring Anne Curtis, Sam Milby, Zanjoe Marudo and Luis Manzano. Anne Curtis will play the role of 18-year-old Dyosa who transforms into Mermaid (half-fish), a Centaur (half-horse), and a Siren (half-bird).

Monday, August 4, 2008

Sam Milby: ‘Mahal na mahal ko si Anne Curtis’

By Rachelle Siazon

Sam Milby and Anne Curtis have been "exclusively dating" for some time now, a term that some have been viewing as tiresome. But the truth is the couple is simply being guided by the self-help book Boy Meets Girl, which speaks about a modern but sacred approach to courtship. "May magandang kwento, tapos parang may mga examples na gusto mong i-follow sa courtship. Maganda yung pag-build up [nung relationship]. At saka yung courtship yung pinakamagandang paraan para ‘pag married na kayo, talagang highest level na saya [ang mafi-feel ninyo]," Sam elaborated during the grand presscon of Dyosa held Ocean Park Manila yesterday, August 4.

The book has also helped them differentiate what a fleeting romance is from real love. "Kung gusto mo umibig sa isang tao, dapat may patience talaga. Love isn’t something you rush," he continued. One thing is clear though for the heartthrob, only Anne owns his heart by now. "Mahal na mahal [ko si Anne]," he admitted. "I can’t live without her. Siya ang Dyosa ng buhay ko."

Since the couple are making sure there are no hitches in their relationship, is work a factor in how they keep things running smoothly? Sam was reportedly furious with Anne’s "breast exposure" on Dyosa, but does the heartthrob have any say about what Anne does for work? "Nagulat ako nung first time na nakita ko [siya sa set]. Alam ko na may prosthetics talaga. Pero nung nakita ko parang wala talaga. It’s just [as if] nalakalagay lang. Yung shape [ng boobs], yung movement, yung kulay [looks very real]," exclaimed the actor. Sam quickly recovered from his shock, however, since he knows that Anne is just doing her job. "Hindi ako pwede magalit. Uncomfortable lang in a way; siyempre akala ko mas tinatakpan. Pero hindi ako pwede magalit." Besides, Anne had more daring scenes in her movie When Love Begins so there’s really nothing for him to be mad about.

When asked what he likes most about Anne, he quickly described her as someone who’s beautiful inside and out. But it’s her all-out support for him that makes her really special to him. "Siguro nakita ninyo po [sa Bench Blackout fashion show] na nahihiya ako onstage. Hindi ako katulad ng ibang tao na [very confident magpakita ng katawan]. Pero nung nakita ko si Anne and her friends, ang saya-saya," Sam gushed. "Hindi ko na napansin yung dami ng tao kasi it’s comforting na nandito siya na sumusuporta."

These real-life sweethearts will soon capture the hearts of Filipino viewers on primetime TV in their much-awaited fantaserye, Dyosa. Sam plays Adonis—a god from the evil clan of Kasamyan—who’s must kill Dyosa for him to become the supreme ruler in the world of gods and goddesses. Aside from his kilig scenes with his leading lady, people should also watch out for Sam’s controversial "nude scenes," the details of which he refused to divulge.

Catch all these and more on Dyosa, starting August 11 on Primetime Bida.


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