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Welcome to a blog dedicated to enthusiasts of the Dyosa the series. Dyosa (Goddess) is an upcoming fantasy series of ABS-CBN starring Anne Curtis, Sam Milby, Zanjoe Marudo and Luis Manzano. Anne Curtis will play the role of 18-year-old Dyosa who transforms into Mermaid (half-fish), a Centaur (half-horse), and a Siren (half-bird).

Friday, January 16, 2009

30 seconds of Fame of Dyosa Fan Blog!

We would like to thank you Anne Curtis for featuring our fan blog through your TV plug! You'll always be our Dyosa in our hearts forever!

Memories of Anne Curtis' Dyosa

By Gian Carlo Vizcarra

No one raised an eyebrow when Anne Curtis declared that, “Ako ang nag-iisang Dyosa (I am the lone goddess),” during the pre-pilot promo of the fantaserye Dyosa, which is set to close its five-month run tonight. After all, Anne, undeniably, has one of the prettiest faces and sexiest bodies in local showbiz.

Even before the program premiered on primetime TV, fans have been fondly calling the pretty actress “Dyosa,” proof that the public agrees with ABS-CBN management’s decision to give her the prized role.

“I was shocked because even after the show premiered last August, people were fondly calling me Dyosa,” recalls Anne. “Feel na feel ko naman. I immediately felt the love from the fans, and the excitement of the public for our show.”

Anne, introduced as a child star in the fantasy movie Magic Kingdom and launched in the horror flick Ika-13 Kapitulo years ago, worked hard to be one of this generation’s most talented and brightest stars. She even had to learn how to get rid of her then very thick Australian accent. Anne is raised in the Land Down Under.

She topbilled other primetime series like Kampanerang Kuba, Hiram and Maging Sino Ka Man, where she played the carefree Celine, who publicly declared, “I am a slut, but I am the best slut in town.”

It is in Maging Sino Ka Man that the public noticed Anne’s marked performance as a thespian leading the way for Anne to get a project young stars like her could only dream of — Star Cinema and Viva Films’ When Love Begins, opposite perennial matinee idol Aga Muhlach.

After the impressive box-office performance of the movie, Anne took on her most challenging TV project- playing multiple characters in Dyosa. The pretty actress breathes life to the roles of Dyosa Agua (Water), Tierra (Land), Cielo (Air), Takda, Black Dyosa, Ugly Dyosa and the mortal Josephine.

Anne is proud that she was able to give justice to the demands of the role/s given to her and that the public selflessly supported Dyosa making it the most watched primetime series in ABS-CBN.

“I am proud of the fact that we (Dyosa team) have done a breakthrough project on TV — having a fantaserye with a protagonist having multiple characters,” declares Anne. “I am happy that televiewers acknowledge all our hard work. I can say that I really gave everything for the show. Imagine, I had to act without my hands when I am in my Dyosa Cielo costume.”

Anne considers the scene, where she had to climb a mountain with a triangle prop, one of the hardest and most memorable points in her Dyosa stint.

“I will never forget Dyosa and the hard things that we’ve done to ensure that the show will be enjoyed by our viewers, but more importantly, I am happiest because the whole Dyosa team has bonded very well. We are really like a family,” says Anne. “Aside from that, I am thrilled because of the title Dyosa.”

In the run of the said series, Anne went through one of the most challenging times of her life dealing with her personal relationship with Sam Milby, who plays Adonis, one of her three leading men, alongside Zanjoe Marudo (Mars) and Luis Manzano (Kulas).

According to the Dyosa production staff, Anne and Sam, during the most turbulent times in their relationship, had a hard time doing scenes together. Though they remained professional by delivering whatever the scenes required, it was very apparent that there was a problem.

The Dyosa staff also shared, “we had to respect their personal relationship. At least, they did not let it affect our show. Now, at least, they are more cordial with each other.”

Because of this heartache and her stint on Dyosa, Anne has evolved into one of the finest actresses of her generation by turning in an unforgettable performance in the movie Baler. Her effective portrayal of Feliza Reyes, a young Filipina in love with a Spanish-Filipino soldier during the 1898 Seige of Baler amidst her father’s strong opposition, made her clinch the Best Actress award in the recently-concluded Metro Manila Film Festival.

“The successful run of Dyosa is a proof that that it pays to dream big dreams,” says production manager Raymund Dizon. “Mounting a show like Dyosa is a hard task, but with everyone’s support, we managed to pull it through. We are happy that we have produced a good program.”

Because of the success of Dyosa’s run, fans of the show started petitioning that a second installment be launched soon. Asked about this, Raymund simply quips, “For now, let’s just support the finale of Dyosa. Maybe soon, ang nag-iisang Dyosa will again be seen on TV.”

Saturday, December 27, 2008

"Nag-iisang Dyosa" Anne Curtis wins Best Actress in MMFF awards night

The historical film "Baler" took home ten awards at the 34th Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) awards night Saturday evening.
The Viva Films entry, which depicts a love story set amid the Siege of Baler in 1898, won Best Festival Picture, Best Director for Mark Meily, Best Actress for Anne Curtis, Best Supporting Actor for Philip Salvador, Best Screenplay, and the Gatpuno Antonio Villegas Cultural Award.
It also won Best Screenplay for Roy Iglesias, Best Cinematography for Lee Meily, Best Production Design for Aped Santos, and Best Editing for Danny Anonuevo.
The animated film "Dayo: Sa Mundo ng Elementalia," meanwhile, won four awards: Best Visual Effects for Robert Quilao, Best Busical Score for Jessie Lasaten, Best Theme Song for "Lipad" (by Jessie Lasaten and Artemio Abad Jr., performed by Lea Salonga), and Best Sound for Albert Idioma and Wally Dellosa.
The Best Supporting Actress plum went to Manilyn Reynes of the sexy comedy "One Night Only", while Christopher de Leon of the drama "Magkaibigan" won Best Actor.
Top grossers "Ang Tanging Ina Ninyong Lahat," which stars commedienne Ai-Ai delas Alas, was declared the 2nd Best Festival Picture, while the film revival of the hit comedy "Iskul Bukol: 20 Years After," which stars the comedy trio of Tito, Vic and Joey, was declared the 3rd Best Festival Picture.
Meanwhile, Jose Javier Reyes won Best Original Story for "One Night Only"; Robert Villar won Best Child Performer ("Shake, Rattle, and Roll X"); and Noli Villalobos for Best Make-Up ("Desperadas 2").
Celebrities from both showbiz and politics attended the awards night, held at the Sofitel Hotel in Manila.
The awards night also featured the musical "Katy: The Musical," which starred KC Concepcion and "Baler" star Jericho Rosales. -- With a report from Gretchen Fullido, ABS-CBN News

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Big Question: Where in the Sea is Marina?

Since Pearly Shell (Chokoleit)  from the Marina telenovela appeared in the recent episodes of Dyosa, as well as the queen of the Sea "Dugong"(Malou de Guzman) had a short cameo scene via flashback. I've been pondering what happened to Marina / Cristina played by none other than Claudine Barretto? I think the ending of Marina was a cliffhanger as she kissed goodbye to her mother Esther (Snooky Serna) and just swam away to nowhere. I believe Tandang Minela knows her whereabouts. Will Dyosa Agua (Anne Curtis) ever cross paths with Marina in the future episodes? I'm sure that crossover will boost the ratings as high as tidal waves!

Photo Album Marina Season 3 Ending Cliffhanger?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Marina's Dugong and Pearly Shells are back via Dyosa


While chitchatting with one of the mermaids, Josephine found out that Pearly Shells used to be a mortal until Dugong (Marina) made him a sea creature. Pearly Shells was sent back to the mortal world but an unfortunate event sends him back to the sea. Pearly Shells returned to their lair but Dugong is no longer in there, so he became aloof with the rest of the sea community. Pearly Shells desperately waits for the arrival of Dugong and refused to accept that his master is already dead. The mermaid added that Pearly Shells inherited all the knowledge from Dugong.



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