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Welcome to a blog dedicated to enthusiasts of the Dyosa the series. Dyosa (Goddess) is an upcoming fantasy series of ABS-CBN starring Anne Curtis, Sam Milby, Zanjoe Marudo and Luis Manzano. Anne Curtis will play the role of 18-year-old Dyosa who transforms into Mermaid (half-fish), a Centaur (half-horse), and a Siren (half-bird).

Friday, August 1, 2008

Anne Curtis thrilled with 'Dyosa' and with Sam Milby


Actress Anne Curtis shared her happiness and excitement over her upcoming television series “Dyosa" -- as well as the attention she is getting from all three of her leading men: hunks Zanjoe Marudo, Luis Manzano, and especially Sam Milby. The fantasy series "Dyosa" will air over ABS-CBN staring August 11.

“I know August 11 na very exciting for me, and I guess for everyone; kasi we’d been working really hard--but at the same time [I'm] nervous,” Curtis told in an interview held at Trinoma in Quezon City.

Curtis also talked about her working relationship with her three leading men, one of whom--as they both already admitted--she is exclusively dating: that's actor Sam Milb of course.

“Ayon makukulit lahat sila makukulit but it’s been so much fun working with them,” she said, adding that there was no shortage of funny, wacky moments on the set.

She also said that she's happy working with director Wenn Deramas again--this after the two of them had a rift over shooting schedules on a past film,"Ang Cute ng Ina Mo". From what she said about the director, it's obvious that they've patched things up.

“Okay siya. It’s so much fun working with him again ang last namin kasi iyong ‘Ang Cute ng Ina Mo,’ so to work with him iyon naalala ko lahat… iyong dictation sa tagalog so iyon, narrates the actress.

Curtis has obviously lost weight--a result, she said, of the hard work she's been putting into the making of "Dyosa." Despite the toll on her body, however, she said that she actually enjoys the work.

“Hindi naman sa nahihirapan, but it has a lot of work; and it’s thrice a week na iyong tipong, para matulog gigising nang hapon na. Tapos tulog ulit tapos diretso na sa set. So it’s a lot of work hindi ko nga alam na pumayat na ako--hindi ko na-notice. But it’s a good thing for me, she said.

Playing games

Curtis said she's very happy to be able to work with Milby. Despite their busy schedules, she said that they always find the time and the means to keep their relationship healthy. Milby, she said, is particularly good at finding times and opportunities to come and see her.

So what do they enjoy most doing together? Curtis replied: “Just doing nothing together, wala lang. Iyong you are just happy enough just being in each other’s company. Iyong nagkukuwentuhan or mahilig kami sa movies."

Nowadays, the hot couple is into video games and game consoles--they play games on their Xbox and their Nintendo Wii--particularly the virtual tennis game and Mario.

Curtis admitted that she sees Sam as the man for her. "Of course I wouldn't been dating him if not, hindi ba? If he keeps how he is."

Curtis described Sam as a very kind person, genuinely nice to everyone and very humble.

"Kahit Sam Milby na siya hindi napunta sa ulo niya. Siya pa din yung naiilang. That's what I like about him... iba ang kabaitan nya. I know na maraming mag-aagree with me," Curtis said.

Even as she tapes for “Dyosa”, Curtis is also set to star in a film entitled “Baler” with actor Jericho Rosales.

"Baler" will be an official entry to this year's Metro Manila Film Festival.


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